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Resellers: Please follow these steps for client setup:

Step 1: Logout of all Google Accounts

Step 2: Login to your YouTube Channel. Make sure the channel is “verified” with a mobile number before moving to Step 3.

Step 3: Click this link:

Step 4: Select what channel you want to connect.

Step 5: Confirm Authorization on next screen.

Please use the form below to start the client setup process. Be sure when completing your Video Campaign form that you include the EXACT name of the channel. When this form is received we will create an invoice to send to the client, and once payment is processed we will create the campaign.

Make sure to double-check spelling of everything you enter!

Be sure to indicate if you want “All Listings” in the area, or just listings from a single company. Some agents will be restricted by their company to only advertise listings from their company so this option is provided if you require it. Selecting a single company WILL restrict volume and make the channel less effective.