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Terms of Service

The following terms of service must be agreed to prior to use of this system. These terms can be updated or modified without notice at any time. “Member” in these terms is defined as the subscriber to this system. Member hereby agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • Member understands this system is a tool designed to automate a task for the member.
  • Member is the sole responsible party for all the content published by this system to Member’s YouTube channel.
  • Member is responsible to understand the rules of the Multi-List Service (MLS) in the region Member has selected as it relates to use of any listing information that is contained in the videos and their use in social media.
  • Member is responsible to adhere to the request of copyright holders of any images appearing in Member’s YouTube channel.
  • Member is responsible to delete any content in Member’s YouTube channel that is not authorized.
  • Member will not alter the property description or remove the listing agent’s information that is provided as attribution for the original listing.
  • Member’s account or campaigns will be disabled if member is found to violate any of these Terms.