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How many more home buyers would contact you if your
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Your name with listings showing up on
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Hundreds of hot home buyers seeing your videos,
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The hottest buyers are the ones that have found a home they want to see. They research the property address to learn more from other sources. Then they are ready to contact an agent. These videos connect them to you.

  • Automated Video Production

    150+ videos produced on autopilot each month and uploaded to your channel.

  • 5-Minute Setup Process

    One simple five-minute setup form to complete and you’re done. Set and forget.

  • Exclusive to One Realtor Per City

    No competition! You get exclusive access to the city of your choice.

  • All SEO Done For You on Autopilot

    We backlink and optimize your videos for Page One rankings.

  • Q.Can I sign up even if my YouTube Channel isn't ready?

    A.Yes! We recommend you claim your city before someone else does. You can always login and connect your channel once its ready.

  • Q.What is a "city"?

    A.We define a “city” as the postal address city of a property.

  • Q.How many videos per month will the system publish to my channel?

    A.Approximately 150. If you want more please contact us in the support area once you have created your account.

  • Q.How does setup work?

    A.Once you have subscribed you will login and connect your channel (which takes about 3 clicks). Then you will complete a form which take about 1 minute to complete. Our customer support team does the rest.

  • Q.What if I want to pause or change my campaigns?

    A.All you need to do is submit a support ticket in the Member Area and we will take care of it.

  • Q.Can I show all the listings in my area or just my broker's listings?

    A.You can choose either. We include the original listing agent’s contact info and property description inside the video description to be compliant with copyright. Please follow your local MLS guidelines.

  • Q.How many leads should I expect?

    A.The size of your city and number of available listings has an impact on that. Within 60 days you will have 300 listings in your channel, which will likely drive close to 1,000 home buyers to those video listings. This would generate about 10 hot buyer leads.

  • Q.Can I claim multiple cities in one channel?

    A.Yes! You need to create a new EngageAgent account for each city. Once your channel  is connected you can publish as many cities to it as you choose. However, we suggest that no more than 15 videos per day be published to your channel to avoid issues with YouTube.

  • Q.Can I delete old videos or expired listings?

    A.Yes, our system does not delete videos once they are in your channel. Please follow local guidelines about removing listings that are sold.

  • Q.Can I apply any filters to the listings?

    A.We do not offer filters yet. Depending on demand we will offer this at a future time. This system is designed to deliver a high volume of videos to generate leads. A small number of videos will not generate as much traffic for leads.

Barb Bottitta Barb Bottitta, Keller Williams Real Estate

I can't believe how fast and consistent this service works. This really fills the gap where my website doesn't, getting me the right kind of clients.

Denise Payne Denise Payne, Weichert, Realtors

This is the answer I needed to be visible in search engines and start generating leads from organic search!

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